Our Mission

The goal of Castellino Prenatal and Birth Training is to make Prenatal and Birth Therapy available to the world community for children, adults, and especially for babies and new families with the highest possible integrity, efficiency and compassion.

Dr. Raymond F. Castellino facilitates people of all ages to resolve and repattern prenatal and birth trauma imprinting. This includes facilitating babies and children in the family setting and adults in individual and small group settings. He also offers phone support for parents, adults, and professionals seeking supervision. He works both alone and together with midwife Mary Jackson.

In addition to working with people and their families himself, Dr. Castellino also offers educational services to train others in these skills. His educational services include a two-year (48-day) Foundation Training, as well as numerous presentations and seminars both locally and worldwide.

Zoom consultations with Dr. Castellino

Dr. Castellino is offering zoom consultations for individuals and families. More information

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The Teachings of Ray Castellino: Dropping into Prenatal and Perinatal Implicit Memories with Ease

In these 6 (+1) 1.5 hour sessions of explanation and exploratory exercises, Ray will share foundational skills needed to work with prenatal and perinatal implicit memory. The class topics are:

  • From Self to Social Nervous System: Working with Energetic Systems
  • The Principles: Creating a Safe Container for Deepening into Implicit Memory
  • Intention Setting and its Role in Working with PPN Implicit Memory
  • Leading Edge, Titration and Pendulation
  • Working with Movement and PPN Somatic Therapy
  • Introducing "The Form" as Part of a PPN Somatic Therapy Toolkit
  • Summary, Q & A, and Conclusions
Six Wednesdays: August 26- September 30, with a special Bonus Q & A, Summary Session Monday October 5!

TIMES: Noon Pacific US, 3 pm Eastern, 9 pm European, 3 am Taiwan

  Sliding Scale: $275-$325

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Sequencing Seminars

January 16 - 18, 2021: Barcelona, Spain 
Co-facilitated by Raymond Castellino & Tara Blasco

January 16 - 20, 2021: Barcelona, Spain 
Co-facilitated by Raymond Castellino & Tara Blasco
Foundation graduates and almost graduates only
Have you ever been in the middle of a project and lost your motivation to finish it? Or have you had an assignment at school and procrastinated until the last minute to rush through the task to get it turned in on time? Or, are you challenged to get started at the beginning of an event or a project? Or, are you chronically early or late? Or, have you and your significant other disoriented or were triggered emotionally at the same time in ways that ended in an argument? These are just a few examples of sequencing imprints, which affect every one of us every day of our lives.

In this workshop. Ray Castellino and Dr. Blasco will guide us through a series of exercises that will inform us not just about how sequencing imprints affect us, they will demonstrate how to effectively work with them so that we can have more viable choices in our lives rather than to repeat the same patterns over and over again.

November 26 - 29, 2021: Vienna, Austria 
Facilitated by Raymond Castellino
More info coming soon

Prenatal and Perinatal Somatic Psychology: The Essential Link for Human Development - July 28, 2020

Ray shines the light on working with families and the baby's experience in particular as an essential aspect of human development that we see throughout the lifespan. This part of our human development is implicit and therefore necessarily somatic. Ray will describe his specific somatic approach to supporting this particular part of our human development whether with babies or with the baby in each of us.

APPAH Talk: How Early Imprinting Affects our Current Lives & Q&A with Nina Ketscher APPPAH Education Director - July 6, 2020

More info about APPAH

Interviews with Rebecca Thompson

    Ray Castellino and midwife Mary Jackson are teaming up with Rebecca Thompson of Consciously Parenting to share cutting-edge information that brings scientific research to you in ways you can actually use in your parenting. These audio interviews will cover some of the most popular parenting topics. The first of these classes, Infant and Toddler Sleep, is available online for free, and more are currently in production.

Interview with Chloe Faith Wordsworth

About Dr. Castellino

Image of Ray

Raymond Castellino, DC (retired), RPP, RPE, RCST®, draws on over 45 years of experience as a natural health care practitioner, consultant and teacher. He is a pioneer in the field of Pre and Perinatal therapy and of using energetic and somatic approaches to facilitate attachment and bonding. His current practice focuses on the resolution of prenatal, birth and other early trauma and stressand developing teachable methods of supporting families and small groups of adults. His contribution to the field includes developing or expanding:

Dr. Castellino developed the Womb Surround Process Workshop for small groups of adults. He had discovered and developed clinical approaches and skill sets that carry over to family work with children and are applied in both Womb Surrounds, BEBA Family Sessions and in About Connections. As such BEBA, About Connections, the Womb Surround Process Workshops, Professional Training. Body into Being and Community outreach seminars and workshops constitute wings of integrated pre and peri-natal delivery and educational system.

These innovations include the Castellino 7 guiding Principles for small groups and families. These principles are cornerstones for the creating safety and high level function and optimal growth of babies and children in the context of relationships in their families.

He has developed a teachable method for working with families and small groups of adults as an energetic relational field. This innovation is a major game changer for facilitating families and adults in a relational social nervous system field.

He has developed approaches that support families and small groups of adults to efficiently and safely evolve into harmonic resonance and co-regulated states while supporting individuation and differentiation at the same time. Together with Mary Jackson home birth midwife they have developed a system for evaluating the needs of pregnant mom’s, their babies and the father that involves establishing “two layers of support” to the baby, the mother, the father and also the birth team. They have clinically discovered that when the layers of competent support are in place the mother and baby are free to find the impulses they need to birth from the inside out.

He has worked with the primary rhythms of families and small groups of adults, has discovered and continues to do ongoing clinical research on the slow rhythms that govern coherence and high level attunement in relationships. Currently he measures this rhythm to oscillate at 5 minute cycles. This rhythm is substantially slower than the Tidal Rhythms as defined by the Osteopathic and Craniosacral healing disciplines. He calls these slow occulting rhythmic cycles, “relational field cycles,” and observes that the relational field cycles govern the innate knowing of birth, bonding and attachment.

He has developed a series of protocols for facilitating families and small groups when the families or groups manifesting “double bind” paradoxical energies. These protocols are self-published as part of his professional training manual available to trainees in his professional trainings.

Ray is doing ongoing research on the manifestation of “sequential behavioral patterns” that originate from “sequential imprinting” from ancestral, conception, gestation and birth experience.

He has developed numerous integrated somatic/psychological approaches for discovering how all beings implicitly remember early pre and perinatal experiences. Some of these include facilitated movement, supported attachment, dynamic creative opposition, dynamic squeeze.

Lastly, with his work with Mary Jackson, Tara Blasco and Anna Chitty he has developed and discovered several ways to anchor into universal resourced states that he and Anna Chitty refer to as the “Blueprint Energies.” These blueprint states of consciousness provide a basis for gently and safely discovering early imprint implicit somatic memories through intention, the co-regulation tempo, movement in highly cooperative relational fields and connected social processes.

These approaches are all applicable for pre-nates, mothers, couples, families and small groups of adults and form the basis for his work in BEBA, About Connections, Womb Surround Workshops, his Foundation Trainings, Body into Being and other professional seminars.