Body into Being 3: Bonding and Attachment via Energetic and Somatic Processes

with Anna Chitty, BCST, RPP, SEP, ABD and Raymond Castellino, DC(ret), RPE, RCST

This is an opportunity to deepen your skills in a community of experienced practitioners with two of the leading practitioners/teachers in the healing arts. A theme at the core of both Anna and Ray's work, is "Be where you are and take the next steps". This particular training will focus on the energetic somatic aspect of their work, including theoretical overview (Polarity Therapy Paradigm, the craniosacral tides, other models Anna uses); deepening perceptual, relational, verbal and touch practitioner skills (presence, listening, differentiating and tracking); learning specific powerful techniques and learning to discover the core of the client's needs and patterns that manifest in pain, dis-ease, and discomfort; and the most effective for that client. They also articulate and demonstrate how they hold the container of the group - working with the social nervous system of the group wherein the group can come into harmonic resonance with each other and the universal/foundational rhythm.

Applications are being accepted for the Ojai, CA training starting April 4, 2017: April, 2017 - March, 2018.

  • Dates are all Tuesday - Saturday:
    2017: April 4-8, June 13-17, Sept 19-23, December 5-9
    2018: Feb 27-March 3
  • Location: Ojai Valley Woman's Club in downtown Ojai, CA, 441 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai, CA, 85 miles from LAX 1.5-2 hours drive depending on traffic; 43 miles from SBA (Santa Barbara airport) 55 min-65 min depending on traffic.
  • Lodging - see logistics information under any Ojai process workshop at

Application & content info below. For more information contact Sandra Castellino at 805 687-2897 or


The Body Into Being training was such a rich experience. The collaboration of Ray and Anna was an absolute joy to be part of. They radiated such care and respect for each other, inspiring each other, supporting each other. It was like witnessing and being a part of a luminous dance of yin and yang. Their instruction, gleaned from decades of study, practice and teaching, shined as they created a space of open inquiry. Since the training ended, I am more aware of, and connected to, my core. There's a sense of greater space and ease in my life. I have added confidence in my sessions. I have deepened my practitioner skills. I am so thankful for the other gifted practitioner/students who joined this journey. It was a blessing to deepen our skills and grow together!

Ed Rockett, RCST®, assistant to Body into Being 2; assistant to current Foundation Training

I got an embodied sense of being supported as a practitioner, that was lacking for me before and I have been able to orient to that in my sessions with clients since then. This inner sense of being supported feels very solid – my private practice is benefitting from it... I feel that I am learning a whole new way of teaching and being with imprints in a very sophisticated and gentle way.

Sarah Theismann, BFA, CSB, CPI, SEP, assistant to Body into Being 2; assistant in current Foundation Training

I so appreciate the teaching from inside-out format. This module met me at my professional and personal edges so profoundly. The deepening into ANS tracking skills and language the territory is exactly the support I needed. THANK YOU! To Ray: I love hanging out/being in the space with you Ray. Thank you for your support, love and perception. For Anna: Your contributions were so valuable at every level. Your wisdom is so palpable and your presence is so beautiful. Thank you for all your support and love.

Margaret Roseneau, MA,RCST®, BCST, APP,SEP

Brilliant! Hats off to you all for your gracious, heartfelt presence and willingness to show up. The bravery this takes does not go unseen.

Jo Bershenyi, RCST, RCMT, CMLDT

Just hearing your lectures, the content, the excellence in your co-teaching, the wisdom, the experience, the basis in science, the lack of any judgment, the felt sense of a safe container, the mutual rapport among the teachers and assistants, the selection of participants who all capably have a safe container. As a non-bodyworker, I had doubt at times about my own abilities to do the exercises but the preparation and teaching dispelled my doubt. Thank you for offering this workshop - it is truly amazing! I took this course in part because I wanted to learn some of the underlying principles of the Foundation Training and I am. Because it ties in to such universal principles and connects to polarity, SE, cranial, it brings together many approaches through the underlying principles... The movement from concepts to experience - back and forth - helps facilitate integration... Exquisite mutual collaboration between Ray and Anna.

Kevin Davis

Most useful: energetic tracking of ANS cycles and what happens in freeze. New insight re ignition-impulse-breath.

A Physical Therapist

Most useful: At times both Ray and Anna and TAs owning missteps and repairing them.

Lorna Richmond, RCST®

Most useful: Somatic exploration of ANS while in functional range, both as practitioner and client...Anna, the modeling of authentic repair was so beautiful... Thanks for offering this incredible integration of material. I am nourished personally and professionally by your teaching.

Kerry, MA, CD(DONA)

As a practitioner and learner of advanced bodywork and trauma resolution, the Body in Being class had an integrating impact on me and leveraged my therapeutic skills to a whole new level. We are currently experiencing the integration of body-mind therapies in trauma resolution, especially in prenatal and perinatal psychology and health... The Body into Being course offered by Anna Chitty and Ray Castellino is an excellent course for PPN practitioners to integrate the latest neuroscience advances (polyvagal theory), advanced energetic therapies, somatic trauma resolution skills, attachment and pre and perinatal therapies and more. We need more of this kind of course where therapists can fully appreciate the breadth of the profession and the application of what we now know about healing.

Kate White, MA, CMT, RCST, Director of Education for APPPAH (Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health)

Application for the 2017-2018, Ojai, CA Body into Being - interviews by appointment if needed

Prerequisites to applying

  • At least one of the following:
    1. Graduate of Ray's Foundation Training
    2. Graduate of the Chitty's Biodynamic Cranio-sacral Training
    3. 5 years of professional experience working with people
  • We will not accept applications from anyone who uses nicotine or recreational/ceremonial drugs in any amount for any reason. Applicants must have a commitment to themselves and the people they work with that they will be nicotine and drug free from the time of application through completion of the training and must have the intention to abstain for the rest of their lives.
  • A commitment to abstain from alcohol the day before and during all workshops and training modules including breaks & evenings is required.

The application process consists of emailing 3 items, paying the application fee and possibly an interview.

  • The 3 items to email to Sandra are:
    1. Training application which is available for download in MS WORD and rtf formats.
    2. A Womb Surround Application in MS WORD or RTF formats. If you have previously emailed Sandra a digital womb surround form (not hand written), let her know and she will use that.
    3. Digital photo - a head shot, you are willing to share with other members of the group and staff.

  • Application Fee: $105 paypal OR $100 check
    1. Check for $100 Mail a check made out to "Sandra Castellino" to Sandra Castellino, 1105 N Ontare Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

    2. Paypal for $105 to Please use "goods and services" NOT "friends and family" to keep us in integrity with paypal.

  • Interview
    1. If you haven't trained with Ray or Anna, call Sandra to make an appointment for a Skype/phone interview with Anna and Ray. To secure an interview, .please email applications by a week in advance & call well advance to let Sandra know you are applying and to schedule your apppointment. The next appointments are March 13, 2017 morning.
    2. If you have NOT studied with Ray or Anna, they will want to interview you if you have studied with one of them, they may or may not want to interview you. If they want to interview you, Sandra will contact you after your application is complete.

Within 2 weeks of acceptance, to secure your place, pay the first deposit of $515/$495 and return the Student Contract

  • 1st deposit: $515 paypal OR $495 check
    1. Check for $495 Mail a check made out to "Sandra Castellino" to Sandra Castellino, 1105 N Ontare Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

    2. Paypal for $515 to Please use "goods and services" NOT "friends and family" to keep us in integrity with paypal.
  • Send the last page of the Student Contract
    1. Download the Student Contract
    2. Print the last page of the contract, sign it and scan/email it to Sandra Castellino, OR snailmail it to Sandra Castellino, 1105 N Ontare Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Bringing a Massage Table - is a REQUIREMENT unless you are flying in from out of state

  • If you live in CA
    1. Bring a massage table and a sheet (much preferred option) OR
    2. Add an additional $26/25 per module to the payment due just before the module.
  • If you are flying in from out of state you are exempt from bringing a table/sheet or paying $26/25/module.


Content Layers Throughout the Training


Anna and Ray are excited to be collaborating again in teaching. It has been a dream for many years - teaching together - which manifested in the first Body into Being in Colorado, 2013-2014 and 2nd Body into Being in Ojai, CA in 2015. These experiences were so deeply nourishing to both them and the participants that they decided to offer the program again in Ojai, California. They have similar styles. They both particularly love to create and share in a spontaneous way, being present with what is and making up exercises as appropriate to fulfill a need. They look forward to co-creating with the upcoming group of practitioners. They recognize that we are all on a frontier in which each of us hopes to deepen our skills, which will in turn deepen the transformative effect of our work with clients. This training is designed to provide a container for that deepening to happen where each trainee can explore their own leading edge and gain more insights, perceptions and tools for their work.

Anna and Ray started their bodywork/healing arts careers in the 70s as Polarity Therapists, Polarity Therapy teachers and major contributors to Polarity Therapy's growth in the US. The Polarity Pardigm, developed by Doctor Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND, infuses all their work, giving an overview through which to understand the rhythmic flow/blockage of life-energy in the body, a guide to perceiving basic rhythms and challenges. Polarity Therapy also offers specific modalities – all designed to address the core of the client’s needs.

The goal is to support each student’s growth in the areas of:

  1. Gaining insights through paradigms for energy flow: Polarity Paradigm, birth/attachment, SE work, cranial, neuroscience, embryology
  2. Deepening perceptual, relational, verbal and touch skills
  3. Expanding the toolkit from which to draw

All of these lead to knowing what to do to facilitate the client’s next growth steps.

For those of you who wish to revitalize/reshape your practice– support and supervision will be provided to facilitate taking your practice in the direction that you want to go.

Ray comments that “ Perceiving through the polarity paradigm into the work …organizes the way we perceive. That act streamlines our work, conserves our energy as practitioners and allows us to literally ride the wave and be energized by the end of our day’s working”

Understanding basic paradigms for energy flow.

The participants experience somatically the flow of energy. The understanding flows from Body into Being. Inside-Out. Experiences first, then theory to provide language and understanding. Ray and Anna will be lecturing and sharing charts/ maps / videos that illustrate their integration of the various modalities they draw from and help give form to perceptions. The class will be designed for the students to learn by doing and use the theory to integrate what they perceive through their senses .

A lot of the focus will be on understanding energy flow through what may be called The Polarity Paradigm . Dr Stone, who originated Polarity Therapy, drew from eastern and western healing modalities, always expanding his toolkit of skills and relating particular treatments to a few comprehensive, broad ideas or paradigms for the way energy flows. It is to the various aspects of this paradigm that Ray and Anna continue to return as they integrate all the other modalities they use.

They will bring alive the various Polarity maps of energy flow including the integration of the 2 poles (Involution/Evolution, Expansion/Contraction), the triune function of the nervous system (and it’s relationship to Porges’ work), the sacrum /occiput and spine, as well as the atlas/occiput junction in relation to the above. The importance of resistance to movement and integration will be demonstrated.

They will share their integration of polarity, cranial and Somatic Experiencing perspectives on the Nervous System and relate these to the emerging scientific validation of brain integration through therapeutic work and the practices of wisdom traditions.

Anna will share a map of Embryology and how it relates to bodywork and working with families, focusing on the principle of formation, embryological rhythms, phases the body goes through and phase shifts as an adjunct to understanding the tides in the cranial sense.

Those of you who have experienced Ray’s work in Womb Surround Process Workshops will recognize what you’ve seen and will gain a better understanding of how to use tracking skills to follow the client and facilitate the next step or movement.

Deepening perceptual skills

All the theory and experiential exercises will revolve around perceiving where the facilitator/client is in relationship to his/her own ability to be present/engaged in dealing with dis-ease/pain and determining the core needs including applicable bodywork to most effectively support the client as well the facilitator.

The focus will be on deepening and perceiving with specific exercises designed to develop specific perceptual skills. The more the practitioner deepens and perceives, the more profound and transformative the work becomes. And the safer both the practitioner and client feel.

Anna speaks of cranial work as giving the possibility of access to both states of settledness and dynamism, within the window of tolerance, as the system regains its full range of motion. She talks about understanding ground, volume, spaciousness, coming into relationship, relational fields. She also has models for group dynamics to share.

Ray talks about stillness, orientation, intention, movement, movement facilitation, resistance, creative opposition, layers of support, attachment styles, birth patterns.

They use the same or similar techniques and each has integrated them a bit differently. So the class will benefit from their sharing and expanding each others’ consciousness and vocabulary.

All this will be related to subtle energy patterns of Polarity as well as to the tides that are the core of biodyamic craniosacral work and the SE model of trauma resolution with the understanding of the window of tolerance. Being able to follow the embryologic rhythms including those of expansion and contraction, the various phases the body goes through, as well as cranial rhythms, allows the client to go through deeper phases of settling and opening to the inherent dynamism in a balanced way.

The treatment plan evolves through tracking the client’s rhythms and emerges often minute by minute from the work with the client. This is very clear to anyone who has participated in one of Ray’s womb surrounds. One step leads to the next without having to preplan. The practitioner has a toolkit from which he/she can draw appropriately.  And all this is done within a structure that creates safety for all.

And the results, as Anna notes, ‘are fantastic’ in terms of profound transformation.

Among other things, in that dynamic settled state, the cranium has the pliability closer to that of a newborn so any cranial work done from this state has a profound long-lasting effect.

Expanding the toolkit from which to draw

They will also share particular techniques used extensively in their practices including an understanding of the circumstances under which they chose a particular approach/technique.

Ray draws on an understanding of structure developed in 25 years practicing chiropractic as well as polarity and cranial work. He will share the bodywork he uses with up to 1/4 of his clients, which frees the atlas/occiput junction and promotes spinal harmonic resonance thus affecting everything from newborn's ability to latch on and nurse and develop appropriate movements to adults' physiologic functioning, movement coordination, general health and level of available energy.

Anna will teach the deep perineal technique which helps bring the whole nervous system into balance which in tern opens up the cranial system. Polarity techniques include palpating the vagus nerve, the superior cervical ganglion as well as the whole ventral-vagus system – all of which work with the whole triune nervous system.

Both Ray and Anna both are long time craniosacral therapists and have integrated Somatic Experiencing into their practices so will draw from those approaches, including how to know if the person is in a trauma response and when to utilize particular approaches to work with that. Again, the perception will be integrated with the understanding of energy flow, which comes from Polarity Therapy.

Ray will share the supported attachment process he uses with newborns as well as polarity and other techniques he finds particularly useful in the childbearing years, for working with adults processing early material and for simple bodywork needs. As he says, many of the skills you need to work with babies are the same skills for working with any age.

There will be many more techniques shared. Which specific ones will depend on which Anna and Ray are most excited about at the time in their practices (which will evolve over the 9 months) as well as the needs of the group.


The class includes a balance of theory (lectures, diagrams, videos) and practice or exercises with 'harvesting' or sharings that arise from exercises/practice sessions. These exercises and harvesting build skills & understanding from the inside out. Experiential understanding will be supplemented by the latest research in neurobiology and related fields. Much of the class content will arise from the specific needs of the students.

Community / Supervision

Part of the focus will be the conscious building of a supportive community. Anna has an extensive background in group dynamics. Ray brings experience using layers of support, doing hands-on work in groups, practicing effective principles of supervision (see Ray's article on this). There will be time for supervision around what’s going on in your practices, your own leading edges and help with integration of what you’re learning and your practice at home.

Content by Module (this is only a partial list)

  • M1: Principles: Resonance, Support & the window of tolerance for integration
  • M2: Movement, resistance; the expression of implicit somatic memory and preverbal story expression; dynamic creative opposition
  • M3: Bonding/Attachment & relationships. Embryonic Attachment, supported attachment /post birth nursing, development of attachment styles including supporting the development of secure attachment, accurate somatic reflection
  • M4: Techniques for supporting moms, babies in childbearing years as well as adults in private or small group sessions
  • M5: Clinical Application, Supervision and Integration


People with many years of experience have asked what more they can expect from this training beyond those they have taken previously. We have recorded interviews with both Ray and Anna which will give you a sense of their vision for the training.

Conversation with Ray and Anna about Body into Being, June, 2016, after teaching the Body into Being Training twice

Ray interviewed by Sandra Castellino, summer of 2013, before the first Body into Being Training

Anna interviewed by Sandra Castellino, summer of 2013, before the first Body into Being Training.

About the Facilitators

Image of Ray

Raymond Castellino, DC (retired), RPP, RPE, RCST®

Ray has over four decades of experience as a natural health care practitioner, consultant and teacher, integrating modalities including Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Pre and Peri-natal Therapy. He also draws on his structural understanding as a retired chiropractor. He is the founder and director of Castellino Training through which he offers five-day Womb Surround Process Workshops, two-year Pre and Peri-natal Foundation Trainings, as well as supervision consutations; the co-founder of About Connections, together with with home birth midwife Mary Jackson, which prepares families for birth, supports the birth process, does follow up integration; the Clinical Director of BEBA, a non-profit research clinic which is devoted to strengthening the bonds between babies/children and their parents. He is also a frequent presenter and seminar leader at national and international conferences.

(Read full curriculum vitae).

Image of Anna

Anna Chitty, BCST, RPP, SEP, ABD

Co-owner and co-operator of the Colorado School of Energy Studies, Anna has over three and a half decades experience as a therapist and teacher, exploring the interface between body, emotions, mind and consciousness, through many disciplines including Polarity Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Pre- and Peri-Natal Therapy, the Diamond Approach (she is a Diamond Heart teacher), Matrixworks Leadership, and the wisdom traditions of Peru and India. She is also a frequent presenter at national conferences.

(Read full curriculum vitae).

Payments of Tuition for upcoming Ojai, CA 2017-2018 training

Payment Methods

Checks/MO, TC should be made out to Sandra Castellino , & mailed to Sandra Castellino, 1105 N Ontare Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105;

Paypal address is If you would like to use a credit card, contact Sandra by the day before the due date. She will invoice you through 'Squareup'.

Late payments Late fees are $5 per day up to 5% + 1 % per month of any unpaid balance. Student is required to have all payments are up to date in order to attend a training module.

Format & Dates: Five 5-day modules starting April 4-8, 2017.


(1) Discount price for paying with 7 payments: $6510 / $6265 depending on how you pay. First price is for wire, VISA, MC or paypal. 2nd price is for check, cash, traveler's checks, MO. First Deposit is non-refundable (even if you don't take the training), payable as $515/$495 due 2 weeks after acceptance; 2nd deposit $1345/$1295 extended to 2/15/17 for those who applied later. This 2nd deposit is refundable with 2 months notice or, with less than 2 months notice, only if we are able fill the training (we encourage lots of notice). Plus $930/$895 for each module, due one month before each module.

deadline to postmark mail or wire funds deadline to pay by paypal or cc or to receive mail by courier Price Credit Card/Paypal/wire Price cash/check/TC/MO
1st deposit to secure space, 9 days after acceptance 1st deposit to secure space, 2 weeks after acceptance $515 $495
2nd deposit, 12/10/16 2nd deposit, 12/15/16 $1345 $1295
payment for module 1, 2/27/2017 payment for module 1, 3/4/2017 $930 $895
payment for module 2, 5/8/17 payment for module 2, 5/13/17 $930 $895
payment for module 3, 8/14/17 payment for module 3, 8/19/17 $930 $895
payment for module 4, 10/31/17 payment for module 4, 11/5/17 $930 $895
payment for module 5, 1/22/18 payment for module 5, 1/27/18 $930 $895
Totals Totals $6510 $6265

(2) REVISED Extended payment plan price for paying with 14 payments: $6675 / $6445 depending on how you pay. First price is for wire, VISA, MC or paypal. 2nd price is for check, cash, traveler's checks, MO. First Deposit is non-refundable (even if you don't take the training), payable as $515/$495 due 2 weeks after acceptance; 14 monthly payments $440/$425 due on the 1st of the month starting 2/1/2017 though March 2, 2018.

The 1st deposit of $515/$495 is non-refundable (even if you don't take the training). Other payments made prior to the start of the training are refundable with notice by February 15, 2017. With less than 2 months notice, payments are refundable only if we are able to fill the training (we encourage lots of notice). Participants who drop out after attending module 1, will owe the $515/495 deposit + $1235/$1195 per module attended or made up, total; $6690/$6470. Unpaid balance will be due on notice of withdrawal.

deadline to postmark mail or wire funds deadline to pay by paypal or cc or to receive mail by courier Price Credit Card/Paypal/wire Price cash/check/TC/MO
1st deposit to secure space, 9 days after acceptance 1st deposit to secure space, 2 weeks after acceptance $515 $495
25 of every month January 26, 2017 - February 26, 2018 (14 payments) 1st of every month Feb 1, 2017 - March 1, 2018 (14 payments) $440 $425
Totals Totals $6675 $6445

If you live in CA and are NOT able to bring a massage table to each module, please add $26 (paypal)/$25 (check/cash/MO) to the payment just before each training module to which you are not bringing a massage table.

Accommodations for Ojai, CA

See list of motels or private homes can be found on the logistics page of any Ojai process workshop.

  • Also Craigslist and are now good places to look for more active possibilities. The city of Ojai proper has made short term rentals illegal but there are many options outside the boundaries of the city.